Monday Code X-2 Legs, Glute and Abs

Hello all this workout is apart of the 16 week Team Mercy Code X Workout. Weeks 4-6, now its time to turn it up. If you already done weeks 1-3 please tell me and post your results below! Like always I will leave the full copy of the workout below. Welcome to Code X-2!
Monday: Code X-2 Legs, Glute and Abs

Code X:
(3 Rounds)
10 pullups
12 pushups
15 diamond sit-ups
20 Sec: Run in Place Sprints

Legs: Set 1
4×4 Sissy Squats
7×7 Barbell Squats
2×25 Body Squats
3×7 Single Leg Squats

Legs: Set 2
3×10 Leg Ext.
3×10 Leg Curls
4x30sec Wall Squats
2×16(total) Cross-Over Step-ups
4×10 Stiff Leg Deadlift

2×10 One Leg Hip Raise
2×20 Glute Kickbacks
2×20 Inner Abducts
2×20 Outer Abducts

2×12 Ab Knee-ups
2×12 Ab Knee-up Kickouts
2×16 (total) Slow Runners
2×20 Double Runners
1×100 Oblique Ball Twists
2×15 Jack Knifes
2×12 (total) Bird Dogs
2x Around the World Planks
(30secs Each Side)

30 Min Treadmill:
(Hill Plus Level 13-20)

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