Movement Prep

Movement Preparation: Also referred to as a dynamic warm-up, involves moving in a variety of directions at different speeds to help activate muscle tissues along with the nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems responsible for controlling and feeling movement. Movement preparation can be an effective and functional way to prepare the body for a tough and physically demanding workout.

Leg Cradles: Protect the knee to the outside with one hand — if right knee is up, right hand is protecting the outside of that knee, while left hand grabs just above the ankle to pull across the midline of your bottom with a slight torque. Range of motion should not be dramatic, you should feel the stretch on the outside of your thigh.

Hurdle Step with Glute Pull: Standing up straight, maintain your torso facing forward the entire way through this exercise — as opposed to rotating when the hip is opened up. Extend leg up so that your thigh is parallel to the ground, keeping it at the height, rotate it in front of you, grab that knee with both hands to pull up and in and stretch your glute.

Quad Stretch: Opposite arm, opposite leg, grab your foot over top of the laces, reach up in the air with your free hand, feel the stretch right over the top of your quad/hip flexor

Lunge Twist: Lunge forward, making sure your knee does not go beyond your toe, front shin should be vertical– perpendicular to the ground– Twist your full torso to the same side two lunges in a row, then switch to the other side.

Quad Stretch + Reverse Lunge: Same principles as the quad stretch and the front lunge, just combine the two together in a nice smooth movement.

In Place Lateral Squats: Keeping in mind the same principle of not letting your knee extend beyond your toe, make sure you are sitting back on your heels, arms out front are to counterbalance the weight of leaning back.

In Place Spidermans: Starting in a solid plank position, bring your leg up to your hand– maintaining that neutral spine, making sure your back doesn’t round too dramatically– open up your hips and extend your arm to the ceiling

Band OH Duck Under: Imagine there is a bar of some kind you have to duck under. Start by squatting down, extend your leg over, shift your weight underneath the imaginary bar — staying low — bring your other leg back, stand up, and repeat. Should feel a nice groin stretch as you shift your weight.

Linear March: Opposite arm, opposite leg. Bring your knee right up so that it is parallel to the ground, drive the leg down purposefully through the ground.

Linear Skip: Same idea as the march, except add a little hop on each foot. trying to hop in the same spot, without sliding it back behind you.

Lateral March / Skip: Same principles as the Linear March / Skip, just moving laterally now — I slide my foot back a bit on the skip in the video, not ideal, try to skip in place.

High Shuffle: Nice and light on your feet, floating across, staying loose, have your arms swinging in rhythm with your shuffle

High Knee Carioca: Moving in a lateral cross-over motion, if moving to the left, cross your right foot behind the other, and then cross it in front of the other. While crossing it in front, raise your knee up and drive that foot over purposefully.

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