My Exercise Routine – stretching, workout (ASMR) glutes, arms, legs, torso, neck

Hey poopsies! Here is my first exercise routine video. And probably my last. This is all I do really. I like to include some stretching here and there, with my own names to them such as: chi stretches, arm stretches, leg stretches, bend forward and back, stretch up, stretch down, stretch neck, and floor stretches.

Also, pushups, crunches, Russian dance, as well as glute workout with crunch bounces, leg kicks, swinging bridge, the crab, and horse kick. I also include jumping, shaking and dancing, yoga pose, circling arms big and short, lying on back, and stretching neck on edge (explanation). All is 40 min. for full routine and I perform 3 to 4 times per week. Enjoy and feel free to follow along with me!
All of these exercises work your glutes, arms, legs, torso, and neck. It is really important to stretch and do these weekly to maintain upkeep of the body, along with various other activities throughout your life to regulate a healthier lifestyle.

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