My Gymnastics & Parkour Warm Up Routine

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Routine Breakdown:

Warm Up:
50×1 Jumping Jacks
30×1 Push Ups
30×1 Crunches
30 Seconds of flutter kicks
25×1 Jumping Lunges each leg (Total of 50)
25×1 Lunges each leg (Total of 50)

Minor Stretching:
30 Seconds of Butterflies
20 Seconds of Sitting Middle Splits
15 Seconds of Middle Splits leaning to each side (Total of 30 seconds)
30 Seconds of Toe Grabs (Make sure your legs are fully extended. No hovering knees)
10×4 Seconds of Rolling out your ankles (Rotate 1 direction for 10 seconds. Then switch directions. Then do the same on the other foot. Total of 40 seconds)
30 Seconds of Cross Stretching each side
30 Seconds of Bent Arm Stretches
30 Seconds of Extended Arm Stretches
15×2 Seconds of Layered Arms
15×2 Seconds of Side Arm Rolls (Forgot the name of this one)

Minor Strength and Stability:
1-2 Minutes of Wall Sits
1 Minute minimum of Handstands

30 Seconds of Wall Middle Splits
30-60 Seconds of Standing Middle Splits
30 Seconds of Forward Lunges
15 Seconds of Straight Leg Lunges
30 Seconds of Forward Lunges
30-60 Seconds of Front Splits
-Switch Legs and Repeat
30 Seconds of Calf Stretch each side
30 Seconds of Bridge + 5 Push Ups
30 Seconds of Bridge with 1 leg extended in the air. Straight legged and pointed toes.
-Both Sides (Total of 1min +)

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