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Truth is, us women are prone to knee issues (just the way our body and hips are shaped), BUT I have good news! You can drastically decrease your chances of that by keeping your legs and hips strong and mobile.

On the mobile side, I would suggest deep stretching or YOGA on a weekly basis. As for the strong side, that’s where today’s video comes in!

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I get requests for this video almost on a weekly basis, so I know you want it.

All right livelies, how are you doing?

So, I’m in MY WORKOUT gear, you can see this is probably a workout video and I get requests for a knee friendly butt and leg workout all the time, so you ask and you will receive.

We’re going to do it right here in my living room so there is no excuses. I don’t even have my tennis shoes on.

If you have a pair dumbbells, great. If you have a resistance band, even better. If you don’t, I do not want that to be an excuse for you.

This is a short but powerful workout, come on take off your shoes. Let’s do it right here, right now, no excuses come on.

(please watch video for exercise modifications and form)

Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 1.29.43 PM

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Okay good work! How was it? Did you like it? How did it feel on your knees?

That’s the biggest thing is that this is a butt WORKOUT that’s specifically knee friendly.

Sorry I’m just a little out of breath with all that dancing. Isn’t it so much fun?
Get your heart rate up, makes you smile. You can kinda see now that you’ve done it, hopefully, you better have done it.

Why I implemented that in there is because dancing when you are working out is such a great way to get you to smile, to recognize that exercise is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, and not a chore.
So anyway in the comment section below I want to hear how it felt specifically on your knees. Did it feel good? Was there any cracking or popping or anything like that? Usually if there is sounds that come out of your knees, as long as its not associated with pain you should be okay, but anyway I would love to hear how you like this work out below.

Again there is a PDF right below this work out so you don’t necessarily have to follow this video, though it would be great to bookmark it or favorite you can come back to it or just print out the PDF and hang it up on your refrigerator or somewhere thats going to remind you to do it again.

Comment below I will talk to you soon and don’t forget, if you’re not having fun it’s your own damn fault. See you next week. Bye!

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