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Tabatas are a science based interval, 4 minutes long, 20 seconds of work, 10 second rest for 8 rounds. Proven to increase cardiac muscle mass and stroke volume(How much blood your heart pumps in 1 beat, basically gives you a stronger heart) and Increases your metabolism, so that 4-6 hours after completing workout your body continues to burn anywhere from 350 – 400 calories more that it normally would.

Warm up: Dynamic stretches:
16 of each : Knee hugs, toe touches, hip cradles, quad stretches, walkouts: 32 Jacks.

Round 1 Tabata:
Butt Kick
Plank Jack
(rinse and repeat)
1 minute walk around

Round 2
Jump Squat (or squat to toe raise)
Walk out
Plank Kick Through
1 minute walk around

Round 3
Baseball pick-up
Jump rope
Split lunge jump
Cool down and Stretch

Spine stretches: Cat and Cow (Spine flexion and extension performed on your hands and knees)
Pigeon (Hip stretch)
Hamstring stretch, sitting on floor reaching for toes
Quad stretch
Childs pose
Downward facing dog.

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