Pilates for Athletes Part Two – Glut Med, Hamstrings, Calves

Running Athletes suffer mostly from Hamstring, outer knee and achilles niggles. If left untreated they can easily develop into full blown injuries.

These are my secret weapons! I believe physio should be simple.

Mist knee injuries from running occur from weakness in the gluts which allows the knee to drop in and strains the knee mechanism n various ways. The first exercise on this video activates the glutes in a functional manner encouraging the correct alignment. Clearly if this doesn’t work or makes it worse you must consult your doc / physio.

Typically the hamstring give us issues. Often because of weakness and because of bad stability sound the pelvis again. Therefore standing in a good posture and activating the hamstring again in a functional position will strengthen it for the demands needed for running.

The last one is the best i think… Ive basically not known a simple calf / achilles issue that has not been fixed by strengthening and a bit of stretching. – Worth a try i say.

And then of course do them all precautionary and benefit from reduced injury, better running efficiency and hey presto increased performance!!

Enjoy but use with caution.

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