Pregnancy Exercise Series – Strengthening Hamstrings And Glutes While Pregnant


INTRO: During your pregnancy it is also important to work on your glutes and hamstrings to help support your lower back.

Hi I’m Tamara from Inner Strength Pilates and Barre, and I am currently 33 weeks pregnant, so I wanted to show you a fabulous exercise that you can do throughout your pregnancy.

Which is 1 – going to strengthen your hamstrings, 2 – strengthen your glutes the glute maximus, 3 – and then 3 it’s going to help with any back pain, because strengthening your hamstrings and glutes what that does is it actually supports your lower back.

As you become pregnant and your tummy gets bigger and bigger you tend to get this arch happening through your back which is a lower doses posture, okay, but by strengthening the glutes and the hamstrings what that does is it pose your posture back into alignment so that you don’t have such an arch through your back.

Now what’s wrong having an arch through your back, well what it’s doing is its actually compressing the disc, the vertebrate in your spine which can also create nerve pain as well if there is quite severe, okay.

Of course we all want to strengthen and tone throughout our pregnancy as well as we feel like we get bigger and bigger, so it’s a fabulous exercise for that as well.

And so you’re going to come in to this 4 point kneeling position, down onto the elbows, and you want to make sure your knees are underneath your hips, and your elbows are underneath your shoulders, and then you’re going to bring one leg up behind you.

Now once again try not to arch your lower back, you want to try and keep your back as flat as you possibly can.

Now you want to keep your shoulders down away from your ears, you don’t want to be lifting them, breathe out, so it’s also working your upper back a little bit and your shoulder stabilizers.

Now your goal would be to do 30 slow, so 30 slow, and then 30 pulses, breathe in to lower, breathe out, breathe in.

Now if you start this early on throughout your pregnancy you should have no problems whatsoever, however if you’re already around the 30 weeks, or in your 3rd trimester and you’re just starting this make sure you don’t feel any pain through your pubic bone whatsoever.

Into the pulses, it may be a little bit strong for some people if they haven’t been strengthening throughout the 1st and 2nd trimester.

Beautiful, now that exercise can be done with some ankle weights to increase the strength to make it harder, I would suggest anywhere between 1 to 2 kilo ankle weights, and then you can also increase the repetitions as well.

But if you are new to it then maybe start at doing 15 slow, 15 quick one’s, and then you can eventually build it up.

Okay, so it’s fabulous exercise that’s going to help strength and tone and also help with any lower back issues.

Now we’ve got a fabulous online site which is called, so if you go then you can actually access the fabulous workouts there, and we’ve also got two particular workouts which are focused on the 2nd and 3rd trimester of your pregnancy.

So it’s a workout video world class that you can follow and you can do your workouts from your home, and it’s definitely going to help to strengthen and stretch all areas of your body so that you can have a pregnancy pain free and you can actually enjoy.

You know going to sleep without any pain through the hips and the shoulders ‘cause you have to lay on your side and being able to walk without feeling like you’re going to have to wobble.

So you can have a pregnancy which is pain free with no aches and pains throughout your joints if you maintain a nice strong but also subtle body.

So come and have a look at our site which is

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