“Quadriplegic” is a depiction of an old school American craftsman who holds quality and innovation in the highest regard. The twist is that his first love (surfing) was taken from him in 1988 due to a life threatening accident that left him a “quadriplegic”. He was told he would never walk again. Months later after hitting a nurse on the head with a cane, insisted that he walk out of the hospital, and did. His love for surfing left him desiring to still be a part of it. “Stretch” continued on to shape the most innovative of surf craft. In 2005 he was awarded Surfing Magazines “Shaper of the Year”, the highest award and honor a surfboard manufacturer could receive. This award was given to him for his innovation with the “Quad” fin placement on big wave gun surfboards.

William “Stretch” Riedel has gone on to continue shaping and crafting surfboards that have been ridden in some of the biggest waves ridden to date. In August of 2011 Nathan Fletcher, one of Williams team riders caught what many consider the heaviest and most dangerous wave ever ridden in Teahupoo Tahiti on one of Williams boards. The ride is currently nominated for Billabongs “Ride of the Year” contest, and will easily win. The video can be seen here: youtube.com/watch?v=64fnoohndsc

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