Quick Effective Upper Body Stretches for Beginners. Free, relaxing injury prevention routine.

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In this quick, relaxing video Fitness Professional Caroline Jordan leads you through a series of upper body stretches. These exercises are designed to help your upper body get rid of tight, stiff muscles. Tight upper body muscles can cause postural imbalances and pain in your body. Taking a few minutes to stretch the upper body can make a huge difference in how you stand and feel! This free workout routine is designed for beginners looking for a good stretch. You will stretch your shoulders, back, chest, triceps, biceps, forearms, wrists, and lower back. This video can be done at home, at a gym, or while traveling. There is no equipment needed to get started – just press play and enjoy! Repeat the video series 2-3 times through for a longer sequence and let me know how it feels! Remember REST and stretching can be the secret to achieving the body of your dreams. Get started feeling GOOD with this free stretching routine!

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