Shoulder Stretches To Try

Watch as Jill takes you through a series of stretches that are highly beneficial for your shoulders, to ease the stress your shoulders endure every day.

Do not perform this activity if you recently had surgery. If you begin to feel discomfort while doing these stretches, stop immediately.

Jill White-Huffman is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist whose goal is to help you stay healthy the natural way! She’s also a licensed professional counselor.

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Counseling portion edited by Joey Martin with That Endless Horizon Productions

**The views represented are expressly those of Jill White-Huffman, Licensed Professional Counselor #7825, Marriage Family Therapist, and Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist #1119. The guidance and instruction provided does not replace that of a medical professional. Should you feel the need to seek out help for any ailments or problems you may be having please schedule an appointment as reading this information does not substitute a therapist-client session. If you have an emergency please dial 911 immediately.

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