Side Split in 8 Minutes – Stretching

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Of course I’m not trying to tell you that you will be able to do the side split in just 8 minutes, unless you only have one inch left. But if you follow this 8-minute-side-split-routine for 3 months (up to 3 times per week), you should get there. Realistically you should be able to improve by about 1-2cm per week. And BTW! YES… stretching hurts, but if you breathe right (deep and slowly – and don’t hyperventilate!) it’s not that bad. You will probably not be able to all the exercises perfectly right away, but try to do them as good as you can and always keep your hips straight. If your knee or your hips hurt the day after your workout, slow down and maybe get ride of the isometric stretches for a few days! Follow this instruction at your own risk. For more stretching instructions, visit

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