My daughter has suffered from MS for the past 9 + years, and as her primary care giver I see her suffer everyday from severe spasticity of her legs, which was so sever that her legs felt like Stone, this was very painful to her and in order to relax her legs I had to use brute force to bend her knee and break the spasticity. This didn’t help much, was very painful to her and put a strain on me. I was praying to God to give me an answer, so thaat at least I could help her with this pain. He answered me and showed me what to do. A simple massage that would immediately relax her foot, calf and thigh muscles. This procedure takes about 1 minute, is totally painless to her and takes little effort on my part. I showed this procedure to her doctor a Neurology Specialist, and he was so amazed, he called me a genius. I am just following God’s Instructions and it works for my daughter. Praise God. I want to share this video to help others with this condition, who are taking drugs to manage this type of pain. Since we started this procedure she has significantly less pain in her legs, less spasticity, and no longer needs her pain medication, I’ve also begun doing Electro pulse therapy, ant that has helped tremendously. Please try this if you know some one who suffers from this condition, I will never give up trying to help my daughter. Please let me know your results.

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