STABILITY BALL STRETCHING | Perfect Stretches for SORE MUSCLES at the End of a Long Day

Grab your balance ball and let’s STRETCH! These gentle flexibility exercises are a perfect way to start or finish your day, helping you feel relaxed and refreshed from head to toe.


Equipment: STABILITY BALL (aka, Swiss ball, balance ball, fitness ball, physio ball)

Exercise Time: 12 minutes

PURPOSE of the Workout: Stretching stiff, sore and tired muscles feels good and may benefit your flexibility and recovery

This WORKOUT is Good For: Everybody

MAIN WORKOUT (hold each stretch for 10-20 seconds):
Triangle Stretch for Calves
Runner’s Stretch for Hip Flexors and Quads
Wide Knee Stretch for Inner Thighs
Single Leg Hamstring Stretch
Over the Top Abdominal Stretch
Pretzel Stretch for Glutes and Outer Thighs
Child’s Pose for Tight Shoulders
Big Ball Hug for Upper Back and Neck

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