Starting Stretching – 15 Minute Everyday Flexibility Routine

Turn on subtitles for a timer for each movement.
In case you have annotations turned off, my form for the standing pike at 6:05 is incorrect – my back should be straight.

Starting Stretching is a 15 minute stretching routine that serves as a starting point for beginners to improve overall flexibility.

It is meant to be accompanied by Molding Mobility:
The exercises are explained more in detail here:


Shoulder Extension: 0:00
Underarm Shoulder: 1:05
Right Hand Clasp: 2:20
Left Hand Clasp: 3:35
Full Squat: 4:50
Standing Pike: 6:05
Kneeling Lunge Right: 7:20
Kneeling Lunge Left: 8:35
Butterfly: 9:50
Backbend: 11:05
Lying Twist Left : 12:20
Lying Twist Right: 13:35

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