How To Stretch Your Muscles – Another Perspective

Proper body stretching and its benefits to better health

You might just want to stretch your body after you woke up or after you have finished a load of work on your desk and many other instances. Your neck perhaps, your knees too, your back as usual and your feet as well to condition your hamstrings. But wait, what would you do if I tell you that our traditional stretching habits are not doing us favors and is giving the opposite of the positive effects?

Want to know how to stretch your muscles then? . .

Recent studies have shown that a person should never stretch sleeping muscles. While we have thought that it would bring us more energy to our numbing body, specialists says that it would actually reduce its strength and function. But do not get me wrong. I’m not saying stretching is not beneficial at any cost. It is just strictly advice that you will definitely avoid stretching your muscles when your muscles are out cold or was dormant for quite a while. Keep in mind that in doing so, your muscles will grew less efficient and will decrease your overall body performance.

What Is The Right Stretching Procedure?

Now, we will tackle the right procedures to make sure that our stretching will keep us healthy.
For a start, it is most advisable to do mild warm ups. It is mostly recommended to do light walking for example. Keep track for at least 10 minutes to keep your blood tissues awake in order to avoid premature injuries. After this light exercise, you can now proceed to any body stretches you want to do.
For tight muscle stretching, all you have to do is to try and reach for your toes while you’re making sure that your knees are in a straight fashion. In this manner, you can deliberately decide if you will take up further stretches to keep your body in check.

lateral stretching. . .  Do you have tight muscles . . .

If you have found out that you have tight muscles, it is mostly recommended to lie on your back and lift your leg up. Keep in mind that you also have to maintain a 90 degree bending of your knees and hips simultaneously. The steepness of the angle will tell you how stiff you muscles were. Keep the simple exercise for at least 30 seconds each sequence and repeat it for at least 3 cycles.

As we go to upper back stretching, you will be quite in for a surprise since even as simple as squeezing your shoulder will prove a good stretching practice for you. Mostly, tired and stressed office workers do this kind of routine as they only had to stand up straight, keep squeezing your shoulder blades up and down, try to reach for your elbows up to your waist which is only possible for some selected few and feel the stretch in your chest and mid back. Keeping doing it for 5 seconds per sequence and repeat it for 5 cycles.
There’s also the so called, “Upper Trapezius Stretch” where it involves just the person standing up straight, tucking his/her chin so that the person will keep the ears and shoulders in perfect line. Upon doing so, keep pulling slowly the muscles in your back by trying to move your shoulder blades down and by that, you will have to lower your other shoulder side. Keep this stretch in the upper part of the shoulder you are lowering and hold on for at least 15-20 seconds with 2-3 cycles recommended.

Neck stretching.

Simply by looking straight forward, you will have to straighten your back. Gently tuck in your chin and pull your ear back in line with your shoulder level. This stretch will help both of your neck and back stretch if you keep for at least 5 seconds per sequence and doing it for at least 5 times.

Another stretching exercise  involves a simple partial swiveling of your neck. Heads forward, then backward, turn head to right and left and tilting your neck from left to right and vice versa. It is advisable to keep this simple exercise for at least 3-5 seconds per sequence and repeating it for 3 times.

As we have tackled helpful stretching practice to assist you in keeping your healthy record, we will now discuss why stretching can also help maintain flexibility and can also reduce weight loss.
Flexibility can come up with a variety of definitions. . .

But as we are talking about stretching aspects, it is simply associated with the notion of free moving. Flexibility attained by stretching can offer your body more fluid movements that can fully maximized your body’s potential. It can offer the practitioner easier movements and more freedom to do a lot of other movements other people can’t perform. As a person ages, it is the inevitable fact that we will lose some of our mobility due to the loss of our elasticity and suppleness. At the same time, joints will also start to crumble little by little resulting stinging pains.

. . .stretching . . . the answer to good health?

But . . .  due to the wonder of stretching, it can help slowed the effects of the aching joints just by simply practicing healthy routine and maintaining your flexibility exercises.

What About Weight Loss In This Arena?

Weight loss is a big part of why everyone is doing exercises and stretching is no exception. With the help of proper stretching, this fitness problem is all but a small worry.

First, we will discuss about a stretching pattern named “Plough Stretch/Halasana”.

It involves the person to lie on his/her back and roll up their legs all over the head portion. Of course, this is yet another example of only a selected few can accomplish. But for those who cannot do the exact feature, kindly just stretch as much as possible whilst holding your rear in your hands for support. Doing this particular stretching exercise will boost the practitioner’s digestion metabolism and can strengthen the mid-section organs such as kidneys, liver, and many others.

. . .Lastly, we go to the so called “Downward Dog”.

yoga downward dogIt is a yoga stretching practice that engages the practitioner to several unique yoga poses that can help in a lot of positive aspects such as strengthening the arms, decreasing the back pains, fortifying the hamstrings and tendons, it can also help increase fluidity of the blood flow in the circulatory system and most of all, can improved respiratory and digestion metabolism.

So what you are waiting for? If you think you are up for some stretching for a healthier diet then why not do some of the listed?

You can start from the simplest to the more advance later on and I assure you, your health will definitely get better!