Stretches | Dance Tip Ep #13

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Stretches | Dance Tip Ep #13 — 20 Comments

  1. Omg how much i luv you. I watch all of ur vids and everything is helpful.
    Thank you thank you. Keep doing the good work and hope you’ll be recognized

  2. I have one request for you can you make a tutorial for exo overdose plz
    ?????? THX!!!!!!

  3. This is not on the topic of the video but how do you learn yourself the
    dance moves without the music?
    Like say if you do overdose by exo, how do you learn it without the music?

    Cuz i have trouble with that.

  4. You are the best! Thank you so much for posting videos! I needed a
    stretching routine, I will do this from now on. ^^

  5. i always wondered what exercices i should do before dancing this is just
    perfect i always searched but no video was good thankk you a lot love u =D

  6. i love your videos, and stretches and super happy i finally found good kpop
    tutorials!!! <3 just one tip as one dancer to the other, when you stretch
    don't bounce just slowly sink into in and breathe slowly going a little
    lower as you exhale. :)) instead of bouncing though, if you want to loosen
    up your muscles even more, flex for a few seconds and then release and
    repeat :)) love you though <3

  7. I LOVE YOU ‘O’
    And after using #BTS’ song, I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE xD
    I’m so sad that i only discovered this channel yesterday :'( 😮
    Thanks for the *AMAZING* videos you make :D

  8. When he started playing SHINee’s Excuse me Miss I started smiling and
    thinking “Okay i officially like him now” lol

  9. Im sorry but when BTS came on i stopped stretching and started dancing and
    singing…..but the stretches are very helpful…Fighting!!^^

  10. so flexible. i wish i can do tht kind of stretches before dancing without
    feeling pain. 

  11. it really helped me, from now on I will not dwell every day following this
    video, thank you soo much ♥

  12. nice ! i find your stretching very cool , i wish i could stretch like that
    in school when we’re having our p.e. class … xD