Stretches for back + sciatic pain – 10 step program

NOTES – Complete the stretching routine in this order.

• HAMSTRINGS – lie flat on back using a bungee or dressing gown cord – hold for 20 seconds each leg. Complete stretch by grabbing ankle and bringing leg down – hold for 5 seconds each leg.

• GLUTES – lie flat on back cross leg over and pull back on underneath leg – hold for 20 seconds each leg.

• ROLL OUT BACK – on back tuck knees into chest and wrap arms around – rock back and forth 20 times. You should be able to regulate the intensity you do this at to feel back vertebrae stretching open.

• LEG OVERS – foot on knee and leg over. Breathe all the way out before you bring leg over – hold for 20 seconds each leg. If it feels stuck repeat to try to get a click but gently.

• LONG LEG SWINGS – 10 reps each side. Foot to be as close to floor as possible. Breathing out each rep.

• ARCHBACKS – lie on stomach – gently raise yourself up off floor arching back. Don’t push this too hard if painful. Hold for 3 seconds at top and down. 10 reps.

• CAT STRETCH – on knees followed by tuck head down into knees hold for 10 seconds.

• HIP FLEXORS – kneeling stretch – hold each for 15 seconds. Keep back straight! Raise corresponding arm up straight for each leg to lengthen the stretch

• GROIN STRETCH – kneeling down – one leg out to the side . Hold for 15 seconds each leg. Can sit back onto bottom after the 15 seconds to reach deep into groin. Might hear a PING!

• ARCHOVERS – stood up push hips forward keep core tight (don’t be slack or will hurt back). Hold for 3 seconds each side. Roll into downward stretch after to opposite toe.

Always finish by stretching your quads and calves afterwards (calves get VERY sore as you walk differently to protect the back muscles).

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