Stretches for Dancers

These are a couple of stretches that are very useful for dancers. Ever since i started doing these stretches i haven’t injured myself through things like pulling a muscle or lack of flexibility etc. Make sure you read the notes that appear through out the video to get a better gist of things.
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Stretches for Dancers — 8 Comments

  1. you going to have to learn how to breathe and stretch, its just calm inhale
    and exhaling. but with each exhale your body allows you to stretch a little
    bit farther.

  2. thanks main, i always forget to stretch before i’m going to dance.. you
    move soo much better when you have stretched before! so thank you

  3. your welcome, as you progress just keep stretching and become more
    flexible. i also recommend knee pads, helmets etc. for first practicing
    moves. It only takes one mistake or accident to ruin your body, you should
    treasure the body you have and take care of it.

  4. yeah I will do that for sure, do you make more videos like this in the
    future? so yes, i’ll discribe (:

  5. yeah eventually ill get to some tutorials for dance moves and styles but i
    like to know alot before i teach so this way i do not misinform people. and
    ill watch your vids too