Stretching Exercises Back Stretches for Gymnastics Dance Tumbling Cheerleading Sports

Stretching exercises and back stretches for gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, tumbling, fitness and sports with Katrina and Sloane. We visit with Coach Don Holmes at a world class gymnastics facility to get the lowdown on proper stretching. for more kids fitness and exercise routines.

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Stretch slowly to avoid pulling muscles. Stretching is great for warming up, or in this case also to relieve back pain or sore muscles in the lower and upper back. Try some of these stretches to really get a good stretch, hope these help!

It is a good idea to stretch before and after working out – whatever sport you do. It helps increase flexibility and reduce your chance of injury.

Here is another video for stretching before dance, gymnastics, cheer, etc.:

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Another way to increase back flexibility is to work on your back bends and bridges. Check out our video for more tips:

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