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The Online Ballet Class under the authority of Ballet Master Andrew Greenwood. Ballet programs for Ballet Beginners, Adult Ballet, Children’s Ballet and Professional Ballet.

Ballet Master Greenwood’s idea for this informational and educational website, is to give you a depth insight into the art of Ballet by combining different perspectives technique, anatomy and artistry.

The Ballet Education content is offered through online classes, tutorials, and a wealth of information in our library (theory, articles and interviews) and extra bonus programs.

We offer 4 types of studio programs: Platinum Studio, Gold Studio, Silver Studio, and Bronze Studio

For ballet beginners, ballet students, Amateurs, ballerinas, dance schools, all about ballet. Online ballet class is designed to help; young dance students, amateur & professional, flexibility, stretching. Maestro Greenwood will share his extensive knowledge with ballet teachers professional or amateur. He will offer a wide range of subjects within the realm of ballet, musicality, new step and directions and guidance on how to achieve better pirouettes, jumps, and safe methods on how to obtain better turnout or flexibility. Also we want to bring you up to date with the new developments within the world of dance. One thing I believe in very much is anatomy awareness. Maestro Greenwood will give you day-to-day guidance so you reach your dreams. Our aim is to help you the dancer or dance teacher.
Continue practicing ballet at home between lessons with helpful instruction from a ballet and pointe teacher in this free video on ballet exercises.
Online Ballet classes, free videos about Ballet for Beginners Ballet, Professional dance students and Dance teachers. バレエクラス 芭蕾課 балетном классе el ballet de clase Clases de ballet para principiantes μαθήματα μπαλέτου

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