Stretching Routine for Go Go Dancers

Stretching Routine for Go Go Dancers

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Stretching Routine for Go Go Dancers — 25 Comments

  1. Wow I have a lot of things I’ll like to say about this video but I will
    reserve my comments. I will say how ever that it is a really nice video,
    great camera angles…

  2. lol, if you dont stretch your gonna pull something, Im pretty sure most
    people who see this video wont be stretching but they will be pulling

  3. Omg lmao I thought I was the only one that “pulsed” when stretching lol
    never herd it called that but now I got a name for it and I totally feel ya
    it gets boring when your just stretching and not moving like that I use to
    dance at a club and definitely something I recommend for anyone starting
    out dancing thx :)