TANGOFLEX® – Stretches for Lower Back Pain & Sciatica Relief – Part II

**** Note that this video focuses on a specific stretch and is different from a full length TANGOFLEX® class ****

Join TANGOFLEX®, the first fitness class specifically focused on deep muscle flexibility.

TANGOFLEX® is the perfect flexibility training designed for everyone including athletes, weightlifters and dancers. TANGOFLEX® focuses primarily on deep muscle flexibility, incorporating flowing exercises that transition from one muscle to the next achieving full flexibility. Balance, core and muscle coordination exercises complement the program to maximize body control. It is the perfect complement to your daily routine. Fun for all levels, no experience required!

TANGOFLEX® uniquely combines breathing, stretching and balance through flowing transitions that will make your body feel leaner and healthier.

TANGOFLEX® stimulates the body and the mind. Regular participants can expect the following:

– Improved breathing
– Improved flexibility and increased range of motion and joint mobility.
– Leaner and Limber body
– Improved coordination and balance
– Improved relaxation capabilities
– Increased muscular relaxation throughout the body
– Union of the body, mind and spirit.
– Reduced risk of injury
– Reduction of low back pain
– Relief from muscular soreness
– Personal enjoyment and gratification

Victoria Sarquisse, M.A. – Founder of TANGOFLEX®


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