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Tennis Stretches Lower Body Flexibility
Tennis Lower Body Flexibility
​Tennis is one of the sports where the need for lower body flexibility is well hidden. However it is very much there. From inner thighs flexibility for lateral movement to hamstrings for forward position to calve for footwork and angles, greater range of motion is improve performance. Like other open skill sports, in Tennis you never know what will happen. You may have to lunge deeper, turn shaper, jump higher. If the muscles don’t have extra range of motion to accommodate, injuries are possible. (Add stress and electrolytes loss to the equation.)

Besides injury prevention being flexible always improves performance and decreases fatigue. (Those two are very much related.) In the last decade relaxed stretches have been replaced with dynamic stretches. While the later does not have the side effect of the former, in general neither is a quick flexibility developer.

Our program employs patented kinesiological stretching techniques. In this program all are aimed specifically at the need of the tennis player. Besides being very specific (so you don’t spend time stretching for skills you will never use. Ballet? Martial Arts? Yoga? ) kinesiological stretches work extremely fast and do while avoiding the pain of the stretch reflex. That reflex is the reason why most people dislike stretching. Our program focuses on all the muscle groups, used in basketball skills. It improves performance. Decreases chances of injuries and increases ease of movement.

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Tennis Lower Body Flexibility

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