Upper Back RESISTANCE BAND Workout – I {Heart} My Perfect Posture

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This simple and sweaty UPPER BODY WORKOUT doesn’t take a lot of time, but it is a quick and effective way to improve your posture, shoulder mobility and balance with just a few resistance band exercises. We’re focusing on toning the muscles of the upper back (specifically, the latissimus dorsi, deltoids and trapezius), while gently stretching the muscles of the chest as well as challenging the stabilizer muscles in the abs and glutes with moderate volume of a handful of complex exercises.



Warm Up and Cool Down:
Both are brief, but INCLUDED in the video

Exercise Time:
approximately 14 minutes

PURPOSE of the Workout:
Gently stretching the chest muscles while strengthening the muscles of the upper back is essential for proper posture and the reduction of a limited range of motion in the shoulders and upper back and neck pain caused by poor posture

This WORKOUT is Good For:
Beginners; anybody who wants to improve posture or shoulder mobility

WARM UP (approximately one minute each):
Arm Circles
Arm Crossers

MAIN WORKOUT (20x each exercise):
Single Leg Pull Aparts
Split Squat Rows
Overhead Deadlift Pulls
Single Leg Triceps Pulls

FINSIHER: 20x Plank with Side Pulls

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