Useful Ballet Stretches I Like – with Ballerina Badass

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These are some of my favorite BASIC stretches to get my body going before class, and to cool down after class. I’ll do another video on “fancier” stretches, aka showing off 🙂 – and I might break down the difference between warming up and cooling down when you stretch before and after class. Hit me up with your fave stretches and why!

Links to Purchase/Check Out:

Foam Roller:


Foot Roller:

Grishko Pointe Shoes:

Ankle Strengthening Tool:

ALSO: Check out this awesome video on “Feet and Ankle Strengthening” exercises by AmyKate:

I get most of my dancewear, including the Bloch tutu and black unitard at Karabel Dancewear in Burbank – here’s a link:

Special Thanks to Westside School of Ballet:

AND the talented filmmaker/editor @moovieboy – be sure to check out his YouTube page for more Prime Digital Cuts… and nonsense.

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