Warm Up Series: Running

In this week’s Midweek Mobility Dr. Megan Hersh focuses on the importance of a proper warm up up before you run. She covers a dynamic warm up of 4 drills for a pain free run and to minimize risk of injury.

Preparation for efficient running form cannot be achieved by simply preceding your run with a five minute jog. The purpose of a warm up is not only to increase our heart rate and get us sweating a bit, but most importantly to get the primary muscles of action for the movement activated and ready to work. In order to do this efficiently we want to choose some dynamic exercises that combine movement with stretching. It is important to differentiate static stretching from dynamic stretching. Static stretching is a prolonged hold stretch typically for 30 seconds or more. Save these stretches for your cool down and focus more on the dynamic exercise/stretches that involves controlled, repetitive sports-specific movements that mimic the way your muscles and connective tissues will need to stretch during your chosen activity.

Not only do we need our legs warm and ready to move, the spine and upper extremities also play a role in our running economy. Last but least lets not forget about the muscles necessary for breathing.

Areas of focus:

Dynamic vs. static
Posterior chain activation
Spinal rotation

Warm up

Dynamic calf raises
Front lunge with rotation
Alternating bridge with diaphragmatic breathing

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