What’s the difference between the Upright Health hip programs?

Matt goes over the differences between the different Upright Health Do It Yourself hip programs: http://uprighthealth.com/do-it-yourself-programs/

Healthy Hips 1+2: For beginners looking to build a basic level of mobility and strength. Typically quite good for people with no background in exercise or athletics and for people who work desk jobs. No major hip pain issues.

Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt: For people who know they have anterior pelvic tilt and want to fix it in a straightforward way. Takes the guesswork out of figuring out what your body needs by giving you a systematic way to approach the problem.

The FAI Fix: For people who have been struggling with a really difficult hip problem. Typical users have been diagnosed with a variety of hip “pathologies” and have often been told surgery is the only answer. This is an extremely comprehensive program with a lot of material to help people make good decisions to help fix their own bodies, but it can be a bit of overload for those who aren’t dealing with any major hip issues.

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