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Check out how to do Yoga for Perfect Figure by doing Stretching Exercises. Yogaforlife brings you this yoga video in Hindi.

Yoga is a way of living. Yoga is not only a exercise but it also helps to lead a good and healthy life, making you look good and stay happy. We introduce, Yogacharya Shree Avneesh Tiwari, who have been practicing yoga from past 40 years and have travelled all over India to teach yoga. With the help of these yoga videos by Acharaya, you will not only learn yoga asanas but also right way of leading your life.

Steps to perform Tadasana : Mountain Pose

1: Stand in a calm and open area.
2: Gently stand on your toes.
3: Now slowly raise both hands above head.
4: Now take deep breaths, exhale out slowly.

Tadasana works on abdominal muscles, one should perform tadasana early in the morning after drinking water.
Tadasana helps to cure all stomach problems like constipation etc and also cleans stomach.

Steps to do Triyak Tadasana :

1: Stand in a open and calm place.
2: Raise hands above head.
3: Now gently bend side ways.
4: Repeat the same method to the other side.
5: Now return back to normal position.

Triyak Tadasana cures back problems, it also burns belly fat. Triyak tadasana can also be used for children to increase height.

Steps to do Katichakrasana : Waist Rotation Pose

1: Stand in a open and calm place.
2: Stretch legs to shoulder width.
3: Now place one hand behind the back, and other hand above shoulder.
4: Now rotate the body clock wise and anti clock wise.

Katichakrasana burns belly fat, it also helps to reduce weight.

Bhastrika Pranayam : Take fast breaths and exhale slowly, bhastrika pranayam has many benefits. It helps you fight stubborn belly fat, keeps lungs healthy, reduces heart problems and also keeps skin and hair healthy.

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