Yoga Stretch – Stretch & Mash with Olympic Athlete

Yoga Stretch – Sadly my battery died half way through so after Suzanne gets back from the Olympics we’ll film part 2 with Suzanne’s favorite pre swim power stretches and post run recovery stretches for hamstrings, hips and tight calf muscles!

This is just a VERY SHORT demo since so many of you ask me “what is mashing”?!

In addition to training for five sports, Suzanne incorporates Ki Hara resistance stretching into her training schedule to increase flexibility, range of motion and power as well as speed recovery.

Yes, it may look weird, but the mashing warms up the muscles to prepare for stretching. The Ki Hara technique incorporates resistance with stretching for power with flexibility. We end the session with more mashing to flush the muscles and speed recovery. Check out for more info.

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